Myanmar Education Sponsorship Page!


A Generous Life has partnered up with Asian Children’s Mission in order to change the lives of orphans halfway around the world, in Hwambi, Myanmar (Burma) at the Hope Children’s Home. This orphanage’s basic needs (love, health, food, and shelter) are mainly supported by Asian Children’s Mission. This support allows the orphanage to get by from month to month, yet the children’s needs for their future are not being fully met.


Children Tuition Schooling


In Myanmar, a good education is the difference of supporting a family on less than $100 a month to getting a job and making 3 to 20 times that amount. The Government education system there is not working, 70% of children in the country are not graduating high school and for the orphaned those numbers rise to 90% and higher.


Teachers are paid less than $150 a month to teach in the public schools, which is not enough to support a family. They respond to this challenge by not really teaching the students to the best of their abilities, instead they teach in the after school tuition programs where they can double or triple their income. This scenario leaves the poor and orphaned children in a bind to learn on their own, because if you can’t pay, you are left behind. Those that want to succeed in the future must attend after school tuition education programs.


Our goal is to come alongside Hope Children’s Home and help provide a better education for the 45 plus children. By providing the funds for this after school tuition education, it will give these children a chance for their future. With your help we can succeed.


Myanmar Orphan Program

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